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'Perfectly Imperfect'

perfectly imperfect Nov 08, 2017

‘I am proud to be perfectly imperfect.’ Repeat after me: I am amazing, beautiful, powerful, nurturing, an old-soul, gifted, passionate, and a selfless human being.

Repeat after me: I am amazing, beautiful, powerful, nurturing, an old-soul, gifted, passionate, and a selfless human being.
I am worthy of love, I am worthy of money, I am worthy of the gifts I have, the success I am going to have, and the message & joy I am going to bring to the world.

I am a money magnet, and the universe has my back. I am grateful for my family, for my health, for the air that fills my lungs, I am grateful for the clean water I am able to drink every single day. 

These affirmations, are not only to inspire, and motivate you. If you say them in your mind, or out loud you should most definitely notice a huge shift in energy. Thus, affirmations are one positive way to switch your vibration from low to high, and they also help endure what I like to refer to as a 'manifesting mindset.' This is where you're 'high vibing' and able to really manifest anything you desire because you believe not only in yourself, but the powers that be. You believe that the Universe has your back, and have a healthy relationship with money. Inside, you know that money is drawn to you, and that what you want also wants you. 

This believing, and knowing is what makes manifesting so easy. 'Like attracts like.' For example, when you were younger, I'm sure you noticed that if you're still carrying around 'inherited beliefs,' that do not serve you... whether they are about yourself, about money, or about having so-called bad luck... even if on a subconscious level... you'll start to notice that money is not coming to you, as you'd like it to. Clients are not coming to you as you desire them too. Life isn't happening how you envisioned it... Thus, when you start seeing a pattern of lack or scarcity of the things you desire, it's time to re-evaluate your relationship not only with yourself but with whatever it is you desire. 

 Therefore, in order to live an abundant life, overflowing with love, money, success, and your beautiful desires we must first look inward. Looking inward is probably one of the toughest and most uncomfortable things we must do... However, it is so very necessary because 'what you want... wants you too, and in order to reach for the stars, you've first got to reprogram your thinking through the 'unlearning process.'  This is where we weed out what we've inherited, that no longer serves us, and we remove 'limiting beliefs,' that stand in our way. This is where 'soul work,' really comes in.  Keep in mind, the journey with yourself is forever long, so buckle up, and enjoy the wild ride. Thus, the more you work on you, the better the outcome will be.



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