'Perfectly, Imperfectly You' (2 x 599)

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Ya'll how many of you are tired of feeling stuck, lost, invisible, frustrated in your current situation, or damn right angry? How many of you are fed up with being the grunt worker, or just being instead of fluffin' living your life? Well, isn't it fluffin' time to break the cycle? My question to you is are you ready to step into your own damn power? Freakin' fed up with the horse shit you're dealing with in your current situation, and are ready for a transformation. Trust me, I get it. I've been there, working the 9-5 (really more like 9-10), and feeling invisible, like I'm just going through the motions of living. Feeling unfulfilled, depressed, desperate, at my rope's end, and like there was a freakin' lack of money, love, and community! I felt like I was just damn right stuck, and couldn't break this horrible cycle... living paycheck to paycheck, and feeling like I couldn't find a shovel to dig myself the fluff out. Let me tell you, it's not true. You can break the damn cycle, bust through the fluffin' ceiling, and there is exactly what you desire on the other side. I can help you get there, but you've got to be ready... motivated, determined, and able to do the work. If you are ready to commit to YOURSELF, to YOUR success, then damn it dive in face first, and let's go!


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'Perfectly, Imperfectly You' (2 x 599) 2 monthly payments of $599.00 USD
Due Now $599.00 USD