Unleash Your Power And Be The Beautifully Accomplished, Empowered Woman You've Always Desired To Be --- Happy, Aligned And In Integrity With Yourself And The Universe While Dispelling All Self-Doubt, Fear And Anxiety

Are you ready to 'live on the edge of your seat?'


Gorgeous, let me ask you something…


Ever felt like just giving up?

Maybe you have felt like all this horrible shit just keeps happening to you?

Are you always feeling anxious when you see your credit card bills... that just seems to keep RISING  and  keep sending you in a downward spiral that you feel you cannot escape?


Or are you still carrying the baggage of the past that is not allowing you to move forward in your life and for some reason you just cannot shake it?


Do you secretly desire to find that one true love that will sweep you off your feet - like what you’ve been seeing in those romantic movies? However, you are still convincing yourself that love is not real or for you?


Do you find yourself wishing & wanting your life away? Dreaming of one day waking up on a beach in Bali, sipping that fresh coconut juice, playing with your kids until the sun goes down, without having to worry about a thing?


Or maybe you just want to embrace the feeling of freedom, calmness, and flexibility that only being in alignment with yourself brings?


How would it make you feel if you could impact more lives and leave a legacy that sparkles, and raises the vibration in an ever-changing world?

Imagine how it would feel if you had everything your heart desires...


With that being said, Gorgeous, why are you so afraid to take the first step? That leap into the unknown, by 'living on the edge of your seat.'


Or maybe you just don’t know where to start... or how to pick up the pieces?


See, four years ago, I was just like you … broken, depressed, angry, devastated, and feeling so fucking alone.


I can still remember the long-ass nights that I spent working in a Steak-n-Shake diner, and getting less than three hours of sleep - grinding and hustling so hard just to survive... just to make ends meet... just so that I could pay my bills, my student loans, and eat.


I also totally understand how you feel when you say that you’re disappointed with the people you thought would always be there for you.


I know exactly how it feels to be homeless, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to.


You see, I’ve been there.


And I am here to tell you I was able to turn it around, to figure it out, and to make shit happen. 


The best thing is - the shifts I experienced are so damn possible for you too! 


The only question is...


Are you willing to put yourself first, are you ready to step into your truth, and live a life of peace and happiness?


In all honesty, you inspired me to create this course.


I know how heavy it felt to be in a place where there seems to be no sunshine at all... not even a glimmer of fucking light... trying to fake it till you make it... hiding your real feelings from the world... Hell, it's  a dark unhappy fucking place to be!


Thus, I want to help you ignite the fire within you...


...and watch you sparkle like the diamond you are by uncovering your truth, living on the edge of your seat, and fucking showing up authentically.


Love, I hope that  you know how sincerely I believe in you. I desire this beautiful up level for you, and damn it I know its possible! All you have to do is choose to put yourself first.

Here's what you can expect in the coming 8 weeks:


We dive in face first and let go of anything that no longer serves your highest self (Whether it be clothes, words, ideas, relationships).


This is where we will slide on our smexy rose-colored glasses, and really start to see the positive of the challenges you faced. Together, we will unleash the goddess fucking warrior within you! This is when you really start to see how damn blessed you are, when you will start to feel gratitude for your beautiful life, not to mention high vibe as fuck.


Together, you'll see that everything you desire, desires you too. You'll start seeing the shift, feeling the shift, and realizing that 'holy shit tacos,' everything starts with putting yourself first. This is the first step to the 'ah ha' you've been waiting for.


This is where we start to strategize, think outside of the box, and create a plan customized to your own beautiful idea of success.


This is where we create a desire list that contains every single thing you've ever dreamed of coming into your life this year. It could be a brand-spankin' new Mercedes, a two-story home on 3 acres of land, travel, or even an abundance of money, love, or relationship.


This is where you will start to believe in yourself more, and more... where you will actually start to see the power within you. This is where we tap in, get our hands dirty, and start putting your beautiful magic into play.


This is where you will start to get nervous, anxious, and that beautiful little lizard will pop in to try to make you doubt everything you know to be true... Why? Because he wants to keep you safe, and safe is the box that cannot contain you. This is where you will 'live on the edge of your seat,' and really make shit happen.


This is not the end, but the very beginning. This is where you reflect upon our journey together, and you see the difference. You see how damn amazing you are, and this is where you will feel so damn grateful, appreciative, and blissful. At this point in your journey, you're already seeing the changes, you're setting the goal for your beautifully dynamic future.



You know what, babe?! If you're ready to invest in yourself, and going all out, it just makes sense that I go all out too! 


Woohoo!!! Does it get any more exciting than this? By the time you complete this 8-week Mastermind with mwah... you'll have a beautifully built and branded business, as well as your own version of Mr. Roboto. Why?!? because I fucking love you! I love the commitment you have to yourself, your success, and I cannot wait to see you shine bright inside & out.


Gorgeous, you will also receive intimate support from me on a personal level, as well as in our beautiful elite group, as we dive deeper into your journey of growth and personal discovery. 


It’s filled to the brim with crystals, essential oils, geodes, incense, white sage, and Palo Santo Wood. It also includes an Oracle, and a tarot deck, also includes a pendulum and a hand-picked crystal necklace, as well as a gratitude jar, salt lamp, and a journal. It's essentially everything you'll ever need to start your spiritual  and manifestation journey.


This is where we will work on a deeper level with your self-confidence and the distorted version of yourself that you currently see in the mirror. We will be doing the hard shit, and lots of exercises, mirror work, so that you radiate not only internally but externally as well. You are indeed beautiful inside & out... thus, it's time to unlearn the shit we tell ourselves and step into the brand spankin' new smexy skinsuit.


An intuitive spread that shows you all about your purpose, your desire, your truth, and your intentions for the year.

Are you ready to commit to yourself and take back control of your life?

8 weeks, Love. Let's do this hand in hand.

This is not for you if...

...you're not ready to leave your shit behind.

...you're afraid to get to know your inner self and be at peace with your past.

...you don't want to take action towards the life that you desire.

This is not for whiners. This is for action-takers.


Here's the thing...

I want this to be an intimate group where we can share and grow together.

I am only taking 15 women on this ride...


Are you ready to take action?



Let's See What Others Are Saying...

"I am one happy girl today. Today, is the day I realized I really can manifest anything I fucking want, and I deserve it. I set a goal that I would earn 5k this month from my healings and guess what - I did! I'm so excited to see where the next phase of my business is taking me, but it's deeper and more fulfilling than I've ever done. Boy am I grateful as shit tacos (borrowed that phrase from my badass coach Christie, I don't think she'll mind ;) ). Get out there, and stop playing small... because when you believe in yourself, miracles have no choice but to happen for you."

Alia Kearney
Bad-Ass Sensual Soul Sister Coach

"Last night I meditated on some shit that's been getting me down... I love it when I truly connect to something and come to really know it rather than just getting the intellectual idea of something. It happens infrequently, but always gives me a feeling of euphoria! Thankfully I feel so much better because of it... the other bonus is that all the realizing stuff took my mind off the pain in my back from moving the books... win, win!!! And big love and thanks to Christie for a gorgeous start to my journey."

Sara Fuller-Parker
Jewelry Entrepreneur

"This girl right here is honestly one of THE MOST AMAZING people that I have EVER met in my entire life!!! In the time that I have worked with her, she has shown me faith, trust, and love that I had lost in myself for years... My point is, she is helping me not only change my life; I believe she is helping me SAVE my life!!! From years of abusing drugs and alcohol I had COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY lost who I was!!! Even after treatment and using the recovery process, I still felt lost, like there was just something that wasn't quite right... like there was still 'something else' to be done to really 'recover' and feel like myself again. I've found that something and more and more in the time that I have spent learning with Christie, and spending time in her group Fearless Intuitive Babes VIP. The women I have met online, never ever in person, have become my biggest support system!!! Do yourself a favor, you have to check her out!!! This chick is the real deal! Genuine, honest, and TOTALLY AMAZEBALLS!!! I promise you won't be disappointed! XOXO Nic"

Nichole Betts
Soul Caught Fire Coach

"Christie Hayden seriously... Your Soul Makes Me Smile (and Laugh) when I hear you Laugh in My Head lol... Thanks for Being You and Naturally Filling My Cup especially on Days I cannot fill My Own."

Julie-Ann Gonzalez
Female Empowerment Coach

"I would like to thank you Christie for your wonderful and caring treatment and coaching that you have given me in this past couple of weeks. You are really a life coach, you gave me the confidence I needed, helped me to believe in myself, the world definitely needs more people like you... I learned many things from you that I will keep for life. Thank you !!!!"

Edward Antuna
Customer Experience Manager

"Jump in and get in on this! Working 1:1 with Christie has been SO amazing! If you are ready for change, definitely make this move!"

Tatiana Jaramillo
Badass Enlightenment Coach

"What a beautiful and intuitive coach! I think this beautiful soul is sooo very talented, her energy lights up your spirit, and puts you at such ease. When listening to her infectious laugh whilst she is discussing with you what is being shown to her, you can't help but feel loved and supported. I absolutely love her, and would 100% recommend this beautiful joy to anyone."

Leonie Caines
Leonie Caines Coaching

"Just stepping in to Thank my Mentor and Life Coach Christie Hayden for showing me the way to Greatness... Every since I joined your 'Ignite Your Truth' Mastermind it has been so exciting... and the amazing things you have taught us has made it all worthwhile... I also want to Thank you again for believing in me and Coaching me to believe and trust myself... I am so Eager to create, organize, and manage my Business... Love You So Much... XOXOXOXO"

Dyinise Bradford
Female Empowerment Coach

"I want to take a moment and shoutout to my Mentor, Life Coach and one of my closest Friends Christie Hayden. Her 'Ignite Your Truth' Mastermind program has really my mindset and outlook on Life. I'm sooo Excited for My New Business Endeavor! "

Dyimonique Bradford
Spiritual Empowerment Coach

"Christie I know we have only just began our journey together, but you are a very kind and generous soul, and I thank you not only for what you have done for my friend, but for being willing to go great things for people with no attachment, and who really need it. It's rare, and nice to see."

Cooper Kael McShane
Badass Photographer

"For those people out their ! Who needs to hear this ! You’ve gotta Love the “ Shit Tacos outta your self”. As the wise and wonderful Christie Hayden says! 😍😘"

Sue-Ellen Bedford
Female Entrepreneur

"I'd definitely recommend Christie. One of the best coaches out there!!! She goes above and beyond for you to make sure you get the results that you've been wanting. 😍 (even giving away $700++ worth of kickass freebies!!) 😲"

Sergio Benoya
Badass Social Media Strategist


This might just be the change you've been looking for, babe. It's time you take that bet on yourself. You are worth it.


USD $2,999

Once a month for two months



USD $5,555




Bi-weekly for two months


Ladies, here are the answers to FAQs:


How long do I have access to the courses?

You will have access for 90 days, gorgeous!


How long is the course, and what if I am not able to attend every session?

This is a beautiful question, and the answer is simple. The course is 8-weeks long, Everything is recorded, and you always have time. Forward motion at your own pace is simply my best advice. Sometimes you'll find yourself further along on one module than others, whereas, others are still processing the last one & vice versa.


Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Well, if you sign up, and get no value from it... then I want you to take a deep dive into your soul self, and ask were you committed? Did you do the work? Were you really invested? Do the work, and if you still don't get the results, message me within 30 days, and we'll talk about a refund.

Don't overthink it, babe!

If in any way you feel drawn to the program, don't waste this opportunity, gorgeous... TAKE THIS CHANCE CAUSE YOU DESERVE ALL THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE.









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