Are you...

Tired of chasing your fucking tail?


Tired of feeling broke as fuck? Like life just happens to you?


Tired of running face first into the same fluffin' wall? 


Well, I've got a beautiful solution for you that's going to help you 'shed the shit' that no longer serves you, and really unleash the magic within you. 


'Perfectly, Imperfectly You'

Join me for this amazing 8-week course where we dive in face first by assessing where you currently are, and help guide you to where you desire to be.' (Hint, Hint Wink, Wink) How far we go is all on you. If you are ready to take ownership of your life, to bust the fuck out of the box that's tried to confine you, to unleash your gifts, and show up in the world just a swinging your hair. Join me...

Hell Yes! Let's Go!

Week 1: 'Owning Your Shit'

This is where we assess where you currently are, and how you ended up there. This is also where we dive in face first, and shed the shit that no longer serves your highest self.

Week 2: 'Face the Woman in the Mirror'

This week, you face yourself, the choices you have made up to this point, and you start to see the beauty in them. You start to feel grateful, appreciative, and so damn loving of yourself. This is where you start seeing what 'high-vibe' is all about.

Week 3: 'Free Your Mind & the Rest Will Follow'

This week we learn to master our thoughts, master our mindset, and learn some a-mazing 'Jedi Mind-tricks' to turn the thought around, so that you continue to be high-vibe, and manifest what you desire.


Week 4: 'Color Outside the Lines'

This is where we start to strategize, think outside of the box, and create a plan customized to your own beautiful idea of success. We get creative, ambitious, and tailor the plan to your every personality trait.

Week 5: 'Tears Never Tasted So Good'

 Now you are really starting to peel back the layers, really starting to notice the difference in how you feel, how you deal, and how things are showing up in your life. You are starting to see the big possibility, and believe in the magic within you.

Week 6: 'The Lies We Tell Ourselves'

 You may start to notice the lizard popping up, and trying to climb the fluffin' walls to get you back in the box, with the lid intact. This week is when you start to notice residual beliefs that have been keeping you small, playing in your corner of the great wide world, and limiting how much you can expand, grow, shift, and fucking evolve.


Week 7: 'You Are Everything that You Dream Of'...

Hell Yes! This week we take action, we implement the plan, this week we 'make shit happen' in your business, in your life, and really fucking blow the lid off the pot. This week we tap in, get our hands dirty, and start putting your beautiful magic into play.


Week 8: 'Living Your Life Outloud'

 This is not the end, but the very beginning. This is where you reflect upon our journey together, and you see the difference. You see how damn amazing you are, and this is where you will feel so damn grateful, appreciative, and blissful. At this point in your journey, you're already seeing the changes, you're setting the goal for your beautifully dynamic future.

"This girl right here is honestly one of THE MOST AMAZING people that I have EVER met in my entire life!! In the time that I have known her, she has shown me faith, trust, and love that I had lost in myself for years. My point is, she is helping me not only change my life; I believe she is helping me SAVE my life!!! From years of abusing drugs and alcohol I had COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY lost who I am!!! Even after treatment and using the recovery process, I still felt lost, like there was just something that wasn't quite right - like there was still "something else" to be done to really "recover" and feel like myself again. I've found that something and more and more in the time that I have spent learning with Christie, and soending time in her group Fearless Intuitive Babes VIP. The women I have met online, never even in person, have become my biggest support system!!! You just have to check her out!! This chick is the real deal! Genuine, honest and TOTALLY AMAZEBALLS!!! I promise you won't be disappointed!! Xoxo Nic"

Nichole Betts

"I am one happy girl today. Today is the day I realised that I really can manifest anything I want and I fucking deserve it. I set a goal that I would earn 5K this month from my healings and guess what - I did! I'm so excited to see where the next phase of my business is taking me, but it's deeper and more fulfilling than I've ever gone and boy am I grateful as shit tacos ( borrowed that phrase from my coach Christie, I don't think she'll mind 😉) Get out there and stop playing small, because when you believe in yourself, miracles have no choice but to happen to you."

Alia Kearney
Bad-Ass Sound Healing Coach

"Last night I meditated on some shit that’s been getting me down....I love it when I truly connect to something and come to really know it rather than just getting the intellectual idea of something. It happens infrequently but always give me a feeling of euphoria! Thankfully I feel so much better because of it....the other bonus is that all the realising stuff took my mind off the pain in my back from moving the win!!! And big love and thanks to Christie for a gorgeous start to my day x"

Sarah Parker
Jewelry Entrepreneur


This might just be the change you've been looking for, babe. It's time you take that bet on yourself. You are worth it.

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2 x Payment




Gorgeous Babes, here are the answers to FAQs:

How long do I have access to the courses?

You will have lifetime access, gorgeous!


How long is the course, and what if I am not able to attend every session?

This is a beautiful question, and the answer is simple. The course is 8-weeks long, Everything is recorded, and you always have time. Forward motion at your own pace is simply my best advice. Sometimes you'll find yourself further along on one module than others, whereas, others are still processing the last one & vice versa.


Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Well, if you sign up, and get no value from it... then I want you to take a deep dive into your soul self, and ask were you committed? Did you do the work? Were you really invested? Do the work, and if you still don't get the results, message me within 30 days, and we'll talk about a refund.

Gorgeous Babes, Don't Miss Out...

If you crave more in your life, whether it be financial abundance, love, more clients, or just to love the shit tacos out of yourself... This is the program for you. Don't Miss Out, as there is a limited amount of time to claim one of the amazing spots.









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